To get registered in DAISY you need to install Tronlink Chrome extension





Install Tronlink Chrome extension



Click the Tronlink icon on the right top corner. Type password 2 times.



Payment for packages is made in USDT TRC20 cryptocurrency. Each coin is equal to $1.
That is, to buy a package for $100, you will need to purchase 100 USDT. If you want to buy several packages, you need to have the corresponding amount for each package.
(For example, to buy 3 packages you need 100 + 200 + 400 = 700 USDT).


But the commission for paying for packages is charged in TRON (TRX) cryptocurrency and in addition to USDT, you will need to have approximately 150 TRX on your balance to pay for each level.



You can purchase USDT TRC20 coins on the website.



Also you will need TRX coins to pay fees when purchasing packages (DAISY tiers).
You will need around 150 TRX for the purchase of each pack.



Also you can purchase USDT TRC20 and TRX on one of the exchanges supporting USDT TRC20:



To get contact with Andrew Zharikov: